"Friend of the Friesians"
From Heather's Student:
"I recently visited Wind Dancer Ranch for a week of lessons. It was awesome! Heather was really patient while we worked on improving my leg and seat.
Over the week my riding, seat and horsemanship improved drastically. She had many different exercises to enforce correct, classical riding. They were fun, made me think and best of all worked! I even rode my horse in circle patterns without using my reins!! (Something I had never mastered before).  I look forward to coming for more lessons and clinics in the future!

Thanks Heather!"

New! "Living the Dream" Read Heather's article in Valley Equestrian Newspaper (page 19)
Friesians at the rodeo
"Friesians at the rodeo"
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"Heather Bonser is definately an exceptional teacher.  Her approach to people and animals is one of great kindness and respect.  She teaches her students to work with the horse in a way that both horse and rider have a very enjoyable experience together.  I would wholeheartedly reccommend Heather to anyone who wants to learn to ride."  Sherri Smith, OK

"Thank you again for what you showed me with my horse Bay.  So glad to ahve met you, Heather, I am thankful for your gifts and what you do."
Jeana Andreatta-Zimmer, Ft. Worth, TX
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2008 Testimonial:
"I worked with Heather during December of 2008, during my vacation in Texas.  I came to her with my confidence at an all time low, thanks to several falls and years of Dressage and jumping instructors who worked exclusively with my body, ignoring my mind.  Heather was the first teacher to ask about my history with horses, and the first to understand the mental blocks I'd developed.  In a matter of days, she revolutionized my seat, and brought my confidence to levels I hadn't had in years.  I highly recommend her to beginners and advanced students alike, but especially to those who, for whatever reason, feel that they are not as comfortable on a horse as they should be."  
Geneva Ruppert, East Lansing, MI

2011 Testimonial:
I want to thank Heather Bonser for hosting such a wonderful and informative event.  I enjoyed meeting new people interested in this wonderful breed of the Friesian, and getting to catch up with friesian friends that I have seen quite sometime.
    The Vet that presented the information regarding chiropractic care was awesome!  Being a woman, she showed us ways to help keep our horses comfortable and healthy with stretches that women can do on their horses at home. 
    I also found the information presented by Heather, regarding natural additives and remedies for horses exciting.  I have been using some of the products mentioned for years, but little did I know that having a all natural version of honey and apple cider vinegar is the way to go,  Thanks Heather !!!
    It was fun to watch people that never have been on a Friesian horse get to ride one for the first time, the expressions were priceless !!  and what a treat to watch the the showcase of sales horses !!
    Thanks again Heather for putting together a wonderful day!  Oh did I mention the home cooked lunch a wonderful Italian meal prepared by a true Italian, Heather, herself....yummy !!!!
         Bobbie Patterson, Starrville, TX

Testimonial 2012
Hey there Heather! Its Audra from Beyond the 9. I wanted to thank you and Bryan again for your hospitality on Saturday. It was awesome to meet you both and hang out with you. After reading your pamplet about your horses and background, I realize why I felt so at ease around you. You are awesome! :)

Audra Blakenship, OK

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