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Stallions at Wind Dancer Ranch
8/9/05 -11/10/06
FHANA #: 200505914

Early 11/10/06, Raaf, colt out of Bieuwkje B. & Rik369 passed to another world with his head in my arms.  Necropsy revealed that even surgery would not have saved his life, his gut had become twisted due to "colic", and no particular reason was determined.  He was buried on the ranch later that day in a special place.  Plans for Raaf included becoming a world class Dressage and Breeding Stallion.  He remains in my heart always.

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Gabriel D.
DOB 4/21/10 reg # 201002271
Dam: Teuntsje fan snakkerstate

Sire: Doaitsen 420
Gabriel D at 3 mo old with his MotherJuly 2010 Keuring perp clinic2011 Texas snow!Gabriel with Bryan
In memory of RaafRaaf 10 months oldNew born Raaf and HeatherRaafRaaf 10 months oldRaaf in snow1st place in photo contest 2006
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Gabriel was bred by Dam's owners Charlotte and John Dumford of Rosehill Friesians, in Rockwall, TX.  He came "home" after weaning in October of 2010.  He will grow and be trained for his 3yr Keuring in 2013.