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Blomke was a Dressage show horse, exhibition & parade horse, and an Ambassador for the Friesian breed and our Horses 4 Heroes program.

BLOMKE passed in late October of 2012 due to a very rare situation.  Her ceceum inverted on itself & entered her intestine.  What began as a mild colic, turned into a simple surgery with good prognosis, ended in me having to put her to rest with no possible way to cure her, or any explanation of how or why such things occur.  My heart broke deeply that day, and it will be a long time in healing, though she will always be an important part of me.  If there is one horse in my life that could be my "daughter" in horse form, it was my beloved Blommes.
Zada was purchased from One Pond Ranch as a weanling.  Carrie Blair had already done the imprinting, and then introduced me to the filly.  She is a Dressage prospect and future broodmare for Friesian cross breeding.  Zada has had her ground work done, including basic driving.  She has not taken to breeding with AI, so we are holding out to see if she will take live cover.

We have plans to find a way to use her in our healing programs.
D.O.B. 5/29/2003
Friesian Sporthorse Registry #:  2003007

Mares at Wind Dancer Ranch
She is 15H, and produces progeny of similar heights, not dependant on the sire. She throws the black gene.  Star is trained in English Flat, small jumps, Dressage (training level), Western Pleasure and Trail.  She has been trained extensively in ground work. She loves children and has been used in riding lessons since 2007.  She has been shown in all the above disciplines and always places in open local shows. She is warm and friendly, obedient, willing, easy going and happy.  She is a “boss mare” in a herd. She has been raised among dogs, cats and other animals. She has had a wide range of experiences out on the trail and traveling.  She loads like a dream and loves to go for any adventure.  She is used to stalls, corrals, pens and pasture. She is easy to catch. She can be ridden shod or barefoot.  She stands quiet for the farrier. She has only had two owners, the breeder and myself.  Star is retired from breeding, semi-retired from showing, but still a priceless lesson horse. See our SERVICES page for details on taking a lesson or having her part of your Birthday party.
Obsidian Star
D.O.B.: 4/24/1988
Registered AQHA
Bieuwkje B (Anke)
(Grace in Dutch)
D.O.B 7/29/2000
FPS/FHANA #:  200047210
Dam:Jaike B./Sire: Gerryt 360

Inbreeding c-efficient 6.64%.  2nd Premie as a filly in 2000 in NL, in
2003 rec'd a 3rd Premie as a 3yr old in NL. In 2006 she passed inspection into the Dutch Studboek in CO. Her sire is a !st Premie in NL, now in the US.
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She was purchased at 4yrs old pregnant and shipped from Holland, and had her first colt, Raaf 8/9/05. See Stallion section.  She was raised by a Dutch family, but was not imprinted.  She is a gorgeous modern type studbook mare, who suffered an injury to her right hind/hip when she was young & it went untreated. I was advised she would go lame & be unridable.  I put her to Dressage, & she we did a few shows,I removed shoes, & she is naturally trimmed & barefoot. She is under chiropractic & accupunture maintenance. Anke is a happy horse who is feeling well & confident enough to be one of our Horses 4 Heroes Ambassadors & my personal Cotume Riding Demo horse.

Anke performed well at the Fairfield Dressage Show fall 2013 and got 2 2nd and a 3rd after not having shown in nearly two years! 
"Obsidian Star"
2007 Big Sky State Games Dressage Show Results:

  • 4/15/07 Blue (1st) Intro A 57%
Red (2nd) Intro B 59%
  • 5/12/07 Red (2nd) Intro A 58.5%
Yellow (3rd) Intro B 68%
  • 5/19/07 Blue Intro A 64.5%
Blue Intro B 68.5%
Won High Score and High Avg
  • 5/20/07 Blue Intro A 64%
Blue Intro A 70.5%
Won High Score and High in      Show
  • 6/10/07 White (4th) Training 1 60%
  • 7/21/07 Green (5th) Training 1 58.696%
Blue Training Pas de Deux
Nienke Tannetje P.J.
D.O.B is 4/3/2004
FPS/FHANA #528004200403223
Dam: Tannetje S./Sire: Andries 415

With an inbreeding co-efficient of .98%, she was presented at Keuring in the Netherlands as a foal and got 2nd premie. Purchased from Black Forest Friesians where Darla Jones began imprinting at approximately 3 months to 2.5 yrs.

She did one open show where she placed first in halter mares at age 5.

2009 Nienke attended her first keuring and was added to the KFPS/FHANA studbook registry. Our plans include training her to carriage drive & breeding her to Gabriel, as well as put her under saddle.
R.I.P Blomke (Little Flower in Frys)
D.O.B 3/25/2000 - D.O.D 10/2012
FPS/FHANA #:  528004200008540
Dam: Anke O./Sire: Thomas 327
Her inbreeding co-effcient was 3.91%, she was 2nd Premie as a filly in 2000 in NL, in 2006 rec'd a 3rd Premie in NL along with her IBOP test scores listed below
Born & raised in NL, she was shown in Dressage to Level M1 (Amercian 2nd Level) and placed 6th in the Dutch Friesian National Championship show in Kootwijk, NL in 2005.  She was bred to Monte 378 for a second foal and then sold to Ms. Courtney Yockstick of Ft, Worth, TX, where she had a gorgeous filly "Yasmin Y."  in spring of 2007.  In October of 2007 I purchased Blomke and then in 2011 we were able to bring Yasmin Y into the family! Blomke's dam, Anke O. made Preferent Status in Holland winter of 2007.

Walk 6.6     Trot  6.8      Canter  7.0
HSW  7.0    Overstride  6.0   Rijproef   7.0
Her total score was 73.8

She had her first colt in 2004, out of . He is now a grown up Ster Stallion in Austria. I got to meet him in 2010.

She was born and bred in Montana, as have been all her offspring. She has produced 6 progeny, one of which I still own.  She is an excellent broodmare.  She has never had any problems or complications during pregnancy.  All her foals have been healthy and strong.  She has never been ill or, had surgery or colic. 
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Heather & Blomke, first show together, first test (training 4), fall 2008.  Scored 65.2, taking 2nd place! 

This score also qualified us for the DDC Championships in Dec 2008, where we took Reserve Champion (2nd)!!!!!!! We then went to USDF shows.
Dressage Show Results:

  • 11/1/08 OUR FIRST SHOW TOGETHER: 2nd (red) T3 56.8%
  • 2nd T4 65.2% qualified this team for DDC Championships in Dallas Dec 6th, 2008
  • 11/9/08  2nd T1 59.6%  5th (pink) 57.2%
  • 11/16/08 2nd T1 58.2%  2nd T2 60.3% Our 2nd qualified score for Championships in Dallas.
  • 12/6/08 CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS T4 2nd 59.6%
  • Scored a 56.8% on T3, placing 2nd, and a 65.2% on T4, also placing 2nd. The T4 score qualified this team for Championships in Dallas in December 2008.
         See video at right

2009 Show Results
  • 2/14/09 First Level test 1 54%  First place, and second test 59% placing third.
  • 2/28/09  First Level test 1, 63% (2nd)  T4 64% (4th)
  • 3/29/09 T2, Second place 59.285%, First 1, first place, 59%.  4/4/09 T2, second place, 64%, First 1, second place, 62%.
  • July 2009 Open show, Sulphur Springs, TX.  Blomke did two HUS classes and took first in both.
2010 Show Results
  • 10/2/10 T4 62%
  • 10/31/10 T1 67.8%, T2 68.5%, T4 63.6%
Blomke photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
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Dressage Show Results:

  • 11/9/08 (First Real Show) 5th (pink) T1  54.9%
  • 7th T4  52%
  • 11/16/08 1st (blue) T1  62.2%
  • 1st (blue) T2  63%
  • 10/2/10 T1 57.9%, T2 61.072%
  • 10/31/10 T1 64.7%, T2 66.4%, T4 64%

See Video!
See Video!
See Blomke's colt video
Show Results:

  • Keuring in NL  2004, 2nd Premie as a filly
  • Open show July 2009 TX : placed first in Open NETHA Halter mares
  • Keuring in TX 2009, named Studbook mare

Heather riding "Obsidian Star"Heather and Star at a dressage show2007 Big Sky State GamesHeather and StarHeather schooling StarMelanie with Star
ZadaZada's Sire DannyDanny - ThunderVallyStables.comZada  2011
Blomke photo by Courtney YockstickCanter photo by Courtney YockstickTrot photo by Courtney YockstickBlomke and HeatherHalloween Blomke & HeatherBlomke
Blomke's filly Yasmin (2 1/2 yrs)Blomke's first foal - a colt!Linda and Blomke in the North SeaLinda and Blomke in a parade in FreislanLInda and Blomke showing in Holland
Darla Jones, Heather & Nienke in South DakotaNienke in sleigh bellsNienke Nienke Tannetje P.J. and HeatherNienke 2008Heather and NienkeTara and Nienke playing
Blomke photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
Anke photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
Zada photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
Star photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
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Yasmin Y.
D.O.B is 4/13/2007
Registration #840004200702002
Dam: Our own Blomke
Sire: Monte 378

Her inbreeding co-efficient is 2.54%. Not shown as a filly, Yasmin was presented as a 6yr old mare at the 2013 Keuring. She scored very high and made Ster & took RESERVE CHAMPION!!! She is trained to ride.
Yasmin Y.
Nienke photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
Yasmin photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
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Betsy T.
D.O.B is 3/24/1992
Registration #528004199214340
Dam:Wendi/Sire: Jildert 299

Inbreeding co-efficient is 3.32%. This Friesian mare comes from our dear friends at Rosehill Friesians, John & Charlotte Dumford. Betsy is Bryan's riding partner, parade and show horse, and a Friesian Ambassador for our Horses 4 Heroes Program with Blomke & now with Anke. Although semi-retired, she still loves going places and doing things. And is also sometimes used as a lesson horse.

Betsy photo gallery (click an image to view larger)
Heather Perillo, Heather BonserBryan on Betsy with HeatherBryan riding Betsy
Blomke & Heather by
Blomke & Heather Dressage & Baby Fowler by
Grandneice Makena taking a lesson on Star.
A Healing Place
Karalyn's Star PrincessKaralyn's Star PrincessPrincess 2008 baby 'Montana Aurora'Princess canteringPrincess trottingPrincess tied at the trailer
"Karalyn's Star Princess" D.O.B 5/3/2000 APHA#588767 This mare is the 4th foal of “Star” (see mare's page) and sired by APHA stallion Mikante Ihoka.  She was imprinted and cared for as described on our home page from before her birth.  She has been hand raised and trained.  She has excellent ground manners and ground work.  She has been taught to carry riders in the basics and has matured well to 14.3H.  She is easy to work with, has a great work ethic and willing attitude, but is spunky and fun.  She is very loyal.  She is graceful.  Easy to catch, load, tie,vet and farrier.  She has never had any illness, colic or surgery. She has been naturally trimmed and never shod.  She has only had one owner, myself. She is being groomed for use in our therapy programs.  She is a wonderful example of using herbs to heal, she went thru a barb wire fence to defend her daughter against a stallion who had gotten loose and tore herself up badly in her legs, chest & face.  We cleaned the wound with comfrey tea, and then put raw honey on it. She then drank the entire bowl ( about 1 gallon) of the tea.  Everyday we repeated the same treatment of her wounds, until she was healed.  Not one stitch and she has healed with no scarring. We will be adding pics soon.

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