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Talon F5 BengalDazzle F1 BengalAmberDazzleAmber and ScooterAmber and ZipAmberBabycat Bengal - 14 yrs old!Bali and AmberMr. MiloDazzle, Amber and ZipDazzleDazzle's kittens Amber and ZipHow many Bengals in the tree?More F2 Bengal kittensScooter-bugScooter-bug and Chanel the rabbitScooter on ZipValentine ScooterHalloween MiloLaura with DazzleF2 Bengal cross kittensTJ F2 Bengal cross kitten
Member of TICA, IPCBA & CFA. 
Bengalmania has been a registered cattery since 1992.
"Bali Girl"
WDR also breeds select litters of traditional Balinese and Bengal cats.  We only breed specially picked and raised pairs in a loving home environment including other cats, dogs, rabbits and parrots. Deposit is $100.00 on Balinese kittens, pet price is $700.00. Bengals are F2’s and sold to proper homes only.  Deposit is $200.00, pet price $2,000. No kittens will be sold as breeders at this time.
All 2011  litters placed.  All 2012 litters are upon request.
"Dazzle F1 Bengal"
"Talon F5 Bengal"
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Thank you Dazzle for being a part of my life for 5 years.  For teaching me things about spirituality, friends, and souls no other could have shown me.  Thank you for the beautiful kittens you gave me, and the motherhood everyone said no wild cat could.  Thank you for all the memories and antics I have of you that will be a part of me always.  I already miss your "patrolling", jumping up and down, our conversations, your special greeting, like no other.  I will miss our snuggling, with you "nursing" my ear or neck, or when you kneeded so hard with those nails and looked into my eyes while you purred pure unconditional love and thankfulness.  Although I feel our time was cut short from my expectations, I thank the Universe for you.  I love you always, Heather.
A Healing Place